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The table below lists current OBO ontologies (in alphabetical order, but with the ontologies that have been manually reviewed by the OBO Foundry listed first, and obsolete ontologies listed last).

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bfo Basic Formal Ontology CC-BY The upper level ontology upon which OBO Foundry ontologies are built. Detail
chebi Chemical Entities of Biological Interest CC-BY 4.0 A structured classification of molecular entities of biological interest focusing on 'small' chemical compounds. Detail
doid Human Disease Ontology CC0 1.0 Universal An ontology for describing the classification of human diseases organized by etiology. Detail
go Gene Ontology CC BY 4.0 An ontology for describing the function of genes and gene products Detail
obi Ontology for Biomedical Investigations CC-BY 4.0 An integrated ontology for the description of life-science and clinical investigations Detail
pato Phenotype And Trait Ontology CC-BY An ontology of phenotypic qualities (properties, attributes or characteristics) Detail
po Plant Ontology CC-BY 4.0 The Plant Ontology is a structured vocabulary and database resource that links plant anatomy, morphology and growth and development to plant genomics data. Detail
pr PRotein Ontology (PRO) CC-BY An ontological representation of protein-related entities Detail
xao Xenopus Anatomy Ontology CC-BY XAO represents the anatomy and development of the African frogs Xenopus laevis and tropicalis. Detail
zfa Zebrafish anatomy and development ontology CC-BY A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy and development of the Zebrafish Detail
aeo Anatomical Entity Ontology CC-BY 4.0 AEO is an ontology of anatomical structures that expands CARO, the Common Anatomy Reference Ontology Detail
agro Agronomy Ontology CC-BY 4.0 Ontology of agronomic practices, agronomic techniques, and agronomic variables used in agronomic experiments Detail
aism Ontology for the Anatomy of the Insect SkeletoMuscular system (AISM) CC-BY The AISM contains terms used in insect biodiversity research for describing structures of the exoskeleton and the skeletomuscular system. It aims to serve as the basic backbone of generalized terms to be expanded with order-specific terminology. Detail
amphx The Amphioxus Development and Anatomy Ontology CC-BY An ontology for the development and anatomy of Amphioxus (Branchiostoma lanceolatum). Detail
apo Ascomycete phenotype ontology CC BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary for the phenotypes of Ascomycete fungi Detail
apollo_sv Apollo Structured Vocabulary CC-BY 3.0 Defines terms and relations necessary for interoperation between epidemic models and public health application software that interface with these models Detail
aro Antibiotic Resistance Ontology CC-BY Antibiotic resistance genes and mutations Detail
bco Biological Collections Ontology CC-0 An ontology to support the interoperability of biodiversity data, including data on museum collections, environmental/metagenomic samples, and ecological surveys. Detail
bspo Biological Spatial Ontology CC-BY An ontology for representing spatial concepts, anatomical axes, gradients, regions, planes, sides, and surfaces Detail
bto BRENDA tissue / enzyme source CC BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary for the source of an enzyme comprising tissues, cell lines, cell types and cell cultures. Detail
caro Common Anatomy Reference Ontology CC-BY 3.0 An upper level ontology to facilitate interoperability between existing anatomy ontologies for different species Detail
cdao Comparative Data Analysis Ontology CC0 1.0 Universal a formalization of concepts and relations relevant to evolutionary comparative analysis Detail
cdno Compositional Dietary Nutrition Ontology CC-BY CDNO provides structured terminologies to describe nutritional attributes of material entities that contribute to human diet. Detail
cheminf Chemical Information Ontology CC BY 4.0 Includes terms for the descriptors commonly used in cheminformatics software applications and the algorithms which generate them. Detail
chiro CHEBI Integrated Role Ontology CC-0 CHEBI provides a distinct role hierarchy. Chemicals in the structural hierarchy are connected via a 'has role' relation. CHIRO provides links from these roles to useful other classes in other ontologies. This will allow direct connection between chemical structures (small molecules, drugs) and what they do. This could be formalized using 'capable of', in the same way Uberon and the Cell Ontology link structures to processes. Detail
chmo Chemical Methods Ontology CC-BY CHMO, the chemical methods ontology, describes methods used to Detail
cido Coronavirus Infectious Disease Ontology CC-BY The Coronavirus Infectious Disease Ontology (CIDO) aims to ontologically represent and standardize various aspects of coronavirus infectious diseases, including their etiology, transmission, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Detail
cio Confidence Information Ontology CC0 An ontology to capture confidence information about annotations. Detail
cl Cell Ontology CC-BY The Cell Ontology is a structured controlled vocabulary for cell types in animals. Detail
clao Collembola Anatomy Ontology CC-0 CLAO is an ontology of anatomical terms employed in morphological descriptions for the Class Collembola (Arthropoda: Hexapoda). Detail
clo Cell Line Ontology CC-BY An ontology to standardize and integrate cell line information and to support computer-assisted reasoning. Detail
clyh Clytia hemisphaerica Development and Anatomy Ontology CC-BY The Clytia hemisphaerica Development and Anatomy Ontology (CLYH) describes the anatomical and developmental features of the Clytia hemisphaerica life cycle. Detail
cmo Clinical measurement ontology CC-0 Morphological and physiological measurement records generated from clinical and model organism research and health programs. Detail
cob Core Ontology for Biology and Biomedicine CC0 COB brings together key terms from a wide range of OBO projects to improve interoperability. Detail
cro Contributor Role Ontology CC-BY A classification of the diverse roles performed in the work leading to a published research output in the sciences. Its purpose to provide transparency in contributions to scholarly published work, to enable improved systems of attribution, credit, and accountability. Detail
cteno Ctenophore Ontology CC-BY An anatomical and developmental ontology for ctenophores (Comb Jellies) Detail
cto CTO: Core Ontology of Clinical Trials CC-BY The core Ontology of Clinical Trials (CTO) will serve as a structured resource integrating basic terms and concepts in the context of clinical trials. Thereby covering CoreCTO will serve as a basic ontology to generate extended versions for specific applications such as annotation of variables in study documents from clinical trials. Detail
cvdo Cardiovascular Disease Ontology CC BY 4.0 An ontology to describe entities related to cardiovascular diseases Detail
ddanat Dictyostelium discoideum anatomy CC0 1.0 Universal A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of the slime-mold Dictyostelium discoideum Detail
ddpheno Dictyostelium discoideum phenotype ontology CC-0 A structured controlled vocabulary of phenotypes of the slime-mould Dictyostelium discoideum. Detail
dideo Drug-drug Interaction and Drug-drug Interaction Evidence Ontology CC-BY 4.0 The Potential Drug-drug Interaction and Potential Drug-drug Interaction Evidence Ontology Detail
dpo Drosophila Phenotype Ontology CC-BY An ontology of commonly encountered and/or high level Drosophila phenotypes. Detail
dron The Drug Ontology CC-BY An ontology to support comparative effectiveness researchers studying claims data. Detail
duo Data Use Ontology CC-BY DUO is an ontology which represent data use conditions. Detail
ecao The Echinoderm Anatomy and Development Ontology CC-BY An ontology for the development and anatomy of the different species of the phylum Echinodermata (NCBITaxon:7586). Detail
eco Evidence ontology CC0 1.0 Universal An ontology for experimental and other evidence statements. Detail
ecocore An ontology of core ecological entities CC-BY Ecocore is a community ontology for the concise and controlled description of ecological traits of organisms. Detail
ecto Environmental conditions, treatments and exposures ontology CC0 ECTO describes exposures to experimental treatments of plants and model organisms (e.g. exposures to modification of diet, lighting levels, temperature); exposures of humans or any other organisms to stressors through a variety of routes, for purposes of public health, environmental monitoring etc, stimuli, natural and experimental, any kind of environmental condition or change in condition that can be experienced by an organism or population of organisms on earth. The scope is very general and can include for example plant treatment regimens, as well as human clinical exposures (although these may better be handled by a more specialized ontology). Detail
emapa Mouse Developmental Anatomy Ontology CC-BY 4.0 An ontology for mouse anatomy covering embryonic development and postnatal stages. Detail
envo Environment Ontology CC-BY Ontology of environmental features and habitats Detail
eupath VEuPathDB ontology CC-BY An ontology is developed to support Eukaryotic Pathogen, Host & Vector Genomics Resource (VEuPathDB; Detail
exo Exposure ontology CC BY 4.0 Vocabularies for describing exposure data to inform understanding of environmental health. Detail
fao Fungal gross anatomy CC-0 A structured controlled vocabulary for the anatomy of fungi. Detail
fbbi Biological Imaging Methods Ontology CC BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary of sample preparation, visualization and imaging methods used in biomedical research. Detail
fbbt Drosophila gross anatomy CC-BY An ontology representing the gross anatomy of Drosophila melanogaster. Detail
fbcv FlyBase Controlled Vocabulary CC-BY A structured controlled vocabulary used for various aspects of annotation by FlyBase. Detail
fbdv Drosophila development CC-BY A structured controlled vocabulary of the development of Drosophila melanogaster. Detail
fideo Food Interactions with Drugs Evidence Ontology CC0 Food-Drug interactions automatically extracted from scientific literature Detail
flopo Flora Phenotype Ontology CC-0 Traits and phenotypes of flowering plants occurring in digitized Floras Detail
fma Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology (subset) CC-BY 3.0 This is currently a slimmed down version of FMA Detail
fobi FOBI CC-BY FOBI (Food-Biomarker Ontology) is an ontology to represent food intake data and associate it with metabolomic data Detail
foodon FOODON CC-BY A broadly scoped ontology representing entities which bear a “food role”. It encompasses materials in natural ecosystems and food webs as well as human-centric categorization and handling of food. Detail
fovt FuTRES Ontology of Vertebrate Traits CC0 FuTRES Ontology of Vertebrate Traits is an application ontology used to convert vertebrate trait data in spreadsheet to triples. FOVT leverages the BioCollections Ontology (BCO) to link observations of individual specimens to their trait values. Traits are defined in the Ontology of Biological Attributes (OBA). Detail
fypo Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology CC-BY FYPO is a formal ontology of phenotypes observed in fission yeast. Detail
gecko Genomics Cohorts Knowledge Ontology CC-BY 4.0 An ontology to represent genomics cohort attributes Detail
genepio Genomic Epidemiology Ontology CC-BY The Genomic Epidemiology Ontology (GenEpiO) covers vocabulary necessary to identify, document and research foodborne pathogens and associated outbreaks. Detail
geno Genotype Ontology CC-BY-SA An integrated ontology for representing the genetic variations described in genotypes, and their causal relationships to phenotype and diseases. Detail
geo Geographical Entity Ontology CC-BY 4.0 An ontology of geographical entities Detail
gno Glycan Naming and Subsumption Ontology (GNOme) CC-BY 4.0 GlyTouCan provides stable accessions for glycans described at varyious degrees of characterization, including compositions (no linkage) and topologies (no carbon bond positions or anomeric configurations). GNOme organizes these stable accessions for interative browsing, for text-based searching, and for automated reasoning with well-defined characterization levels. Detail
hancestro Human Ancestry Ontology CC-BY 4.0 The Human Ancestry Ontology (HANCESTRO) provides a systematic description of the ancestry concepts used in the NHGRI-EBI Catalog of published genome-wide association studies. Detail
hao Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology CC-0 A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of the Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, and ants) Detail
hom Homology Ontology CC0 This ontology represents concepts related to homology, as well as other concepts used to describe similarity and non-homology. Detail
hsapdv Human Developmental Stages CC-BY Life cycle stages for Human Detail
hso Health Surveillance Ontology CC-BY The health Surveillance Ontology (HSO) focuses on "surveillance system level data", that is, data outputs from surveillance activities, such as number of samples collected, cases observed, etc. It aims to support One-Health surveillance, covering animal health, public health and food safety surveillance. Detail
htn Hypertension Ontology CC-BY 4.0 An ontology for representing clinical data about hypertension, intended to support classification of patients according to various diagnostic guidelines Detail
iao Information Artifact Ontology CC-BY An ontology of information entities. Detail
iceo Integrative and Conjugative Element Ontology CC-BY ICEO is an integrated biological ontology for the description of bacterial integrative and conjugative elements (ICEs). Detail
ico Informed Consent Ontology CC-BY An ontology of clinical informed consents Detail
ido Infectious Disease Ontology CC-BY 3.0 A set of interoperable ontologies that will together provide coverage of the infectious disease domain. IDO core is the upper-level ontology that hosts terms of general relevance across the domain, while extension ontologies host terms to specific to a particular part of the domain. Detail
ino Interaction Network Ontology CC-BY An ontology of interactions and interaction networks Detail
labo clinical LABoratory Ontology CC BY 4.0 LABO is an ontology of informational entities formalizing clinical laboratory tests prescriptions and reporting documents. Detail
ma Mouse adult gross anatomy CC-BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary of the adult anatomy of the mouse (Mus). Detail
maxo Medical Action Ontology CC-BY Medical Action Ontology is an ontology... Detail
mco Microbial Conditions Ontology CC-BY Microbial Conditions Ontology is an ontology... Detail
mf Mental Functioning Ontology CC-BY The Mental Functioning Ontology is an overarching ontology for all aspects of mental functioning. Detail
mfmo Mammalian Feeding Muscle Ontology CC-BY The Mammalian Feeding Muscle Ontology is an antomy ontology for the muscles of the head and neck that participate in feeding, swallowing, and other oral-pharyngeal behaviors. Detail
mfoem Emotion Ontology CC-BY An ontology of affective phenomena such as emotions, moods, appraisals and subjective feelings. Detail
mfomd Mental Disease Ontology CC-BY An ontology to describe and classify mental diseases such as schizophrenia, annotated with DSM-IV and ICD codes where applicable Detail
mi Molecular Interactions Controlled Vocabulary CC BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of experiments concerned with protein-protein interactions. Detail
miapa MIAPA Ontology CC-0 An application ontology to formalize annotation of phylogenetic data. Detail
micro Ontology of Prokaryotic Phenotypic and Metabolic Characters CC-BY 2.0 An ontology of prokaryotic phenotypic and metabolic characters Detail
mmo Measurement method ontology CC-0 A representation of the variety of methods used to make clinical and phenotype measurements. Detail
mmusdv Mouse Developmental Stages CC-BY Life cycle stages for Mus Musculus Detail
mod Protein modification CC-BY 4.0 PSI-MOD is an ontology consisting of terms that describe protein chemical modifications Detail
mondo Mondo Disease Ontology CC BY 4.0 A semi-automatically constructed ontology that merges in multiple disease resources to yield a coherent merged ontology. Detail
mop Molecular Process Ontology CC-BY 4.0 Processes at the molecular level Detail
mp Mammalian Phenotype Ontology CC-BY 4.0 Standard terms for annotating mammalian phenotypic data. Detail
mpath Mouse pathology ontology CC-BY A structured controlled vocabulary of mutant and transgenic mouse pathology phenotypes Detail
mpio Minimum PDDI Information Ontology CC-BY An ontology of minimum information regarding potential drug-drug interaction information. Detail
mro MHC Restriction Ontology CC-BY An ontology for Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) restriction in experiments Detail
ms Mass spectrometry ontology CC-BY A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of experiments concerned with proteomics mass spectrometry. Detail
nbo Neuro Behavior Ontology CC-BY An ontology of human and animal behaviours and behavioural phenotypes Detail
ncbitaxon NCBI organismal classification CC0 1.0 Universal An ontology representation of the NCBI organismal taxonomy Detail
ncit NCI Thesaurus OBO Edition CC-BY 4.0 NCI Thesaurus (NCIt)is a reference terminology that includes broad coverage of the cancer domain, including cancer related diseases, findings and abnormalities. The NCIt OBO Edition aims to increase integration of the NCIt with OBO Library ontologies. NCIt OBO Edition releases should be considered experimental. Detail
ncro Non-Coding RNA Ontology CC-BY 4.0 An ontology for non-coding RNA, both of biological origin, and engineered. Detail
nomen NOMEN - A nomenclatural ontology for biological names CC-0 NOMEN is a nomenclatural ontology for biological names (not concepts). It encodes the goverened rules of nomenclature. Detail
oae Ontology of Adverse Events CC-BY A biomedical ontology in the domain of adverse events Detail
oarcs Ontology of Arthropod Circulatory Systems CC BY 3.0 OArCS is an ontology describing the Arthropod ciruclatory system. Detail
oba Ontology of Biological Attributes CC-0 A collection of biological attributes (traits) covering all kingdoms of life. Detail
obcs Ontology of Biological and Clinical Statistics CC-BY A biomedical ontology in the domain of biological and clinical statistics. Detail
obib Ontology for Biobanking CC-BY An ontology built for annotation and modeling of biobank repository and biobanking administration Detail
ogg The Ontology of Genes and Genomes CC-BY A formal ontology of genes and genomes of biological organisms. Detail
ogms Ontology for General Medical Science CC-BY An ontology for representing treatment of disease and diagnosis and on carcinomas and other pathological entities Detail
ogsf Ontology of Genetic Susceptibility Factor CC-BY 3.0 An application ontology to represent genetic susceptibility to a specific disease, adverse event, or a pathological process. Detail
ohd The Oral Health and Disease Ontology CC-BY The Oral Health and Disease Ontology was created, initially, to represent the content of dental practice health records. Detail
ohmi Ontology of Host-Microbiome Interactions CC-BY The Ontology of Host-Microbiome Interactions aims to ontologically represent and standardize various entities and relations related to microbiomes, microbiome host organisms (e.g., human and mouse), and the interactions between the hosts and microbiomes at different conditions. Detail
ohpi Ontology of Host Pathogen Interactions CC-BY OHPI is a community-driven ontology of host-pathogen interactions (OHPI) and represents the virulence factors (VFs) and how the mutants of VFs in the Victors database become less virulence inside a host organism or host cells. It is developed to represent manually curated HPI knowledge available in the PHIDIAS resource. Detail
olatdv Medaka Developmental Stages CC-BY Life cycle stages for Medaka Detail
omit Ontology for MIRNA Target CC-BY 3.0 Ontology to establish data exchange standards and common data elements in the microRNA (miR) domain Detail
omo OBO Metadata Ontology CC0 An ontology specifies terms that are used to annotate ontology terms for all OBO ontologies. The ontology was developed as part of Information Artifact Ontology (IAO). Detail
omp Ontology of Microbial Phenotypes CC-BY An ontology of phenotypes covering microbes Detail
omrse Ontology of Medically Related Social Entities CC-BY 4.0 This ontology covers the domain of social entities that are related to health care, such as demographic information and the roles of various individuals and organizations. Detail
one Ontology for Nutritional Epidemiology CC-BY An ontology to standardize research output of nutritional epidemiologic studies. Detail
ons Ontology for Nutritional Studies CC-BY An ontology for description of concepts in the nutritional studies domain. Detail
ontoneo Obstetric and Neonatal Ontology CC-BY The Obstetric and Neonatal Ontology is a structured controlled vocabulary to provide a representation of the data from electronic health records (EHRs) involved in the care of the pregnant woman, and of her baby. Detail
oostt Ontology of Organizational Structures of Trauma centers and Trauma systems CC-BY An ontology built for representating the organizational components of trauma centers and trauma systems. Detail
opl Ontology for Parasite LifeCycle CC-BY 4.0 A reference ontology for parasite life cycle stages. Detail
opmi Ontology of Precision Medicine and Investigation CC-BY The Ontology of Precision Medicine and Investigation (OPMI) aims to ontologically represent and standardize various entities and relations associated with precision medicine and related investigations at different conditions. Detail
ornaseq Ontology of RNA Sequencing CC-BY An application ontology designed to annotate next-generation sequencing experiments performed on RNA. Detail
ovae Ontology of Vaccine Adverse Events CC-BY A biomedical ontology in the domain of vaccine adverse events. Detail
pco Population and Community Ontology CC-0 An ontology about groups of interacting organisms such as populations and communities Detail
pdro The Prescription of Drugs Ontology CC BY 4.0 An ontology to describe entities related to prescription of drugs Detail
pdumdv Platynereis Developmental Stages CC-BY Life cycle stages for Platynereis dumerilii Detail
peco Plant Experimental Conditions Ontology CC-BY 4.0 A structured, controlled vocabulary which describes the treatments, growing conditions, and/or study types used in plant biology experiments. Detail
phipo Pathogen Host Interaction Phenotype Ontology CC-BY PHIPO is a formal ontology of species-neutral phenotypes observed in pathogen-host interactions. Detail
plana planaria-ontology CC-BY PLANA, the planarian anatomy ontology, encompasses the anatomy and life cycle stages for both __Schmidtea mediterranea__ biotypes. Detail
planp Planarian Phenotype Ontology CC-BY Planarian Phenotype Ontology is an ontology of phenotypes observed in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea. Detail
poro Porifera Ontology CC-BY An ontology covering the anatomy of the taxon Porifera (sponges) Detail
ppo Plant Phenology Ontology CC-BY An ontology for describing the phenology of individual plants and populations of plants, and for integrating plant phenological data across sources and scales. Detail
psdo Performance Summary Display Ontology CC-BY Ontology to reproducibly study visualizations of clinical performance Detail
pso Plant Stress Ontology CC-BY The Plant Stress Ontology describes... Detail
pw Pathway ontology CC-BY A controlled vocabulary for annotating gene products to pathways. Detail
rbo Radiation Biology Ontology CC-BY RBO is an ontology for the effects of radiation on biota in terrestrial and space environments. Detail
ro Relation Ontology CC-0 Relationship types shared across multiple ontologies Detail
rs Rat Strain Ontology CC-BY 4.0 Ontology of rat strains Detail
rxno Name Reaction Ontology CC-BY 4.0 Connects organic name reactions to their roles in an organic synthesis and to processes in MOP Detail
sepio Scientific Evidence and Provenance Information Ontology CC-BY An ontology for representing the provenance of scientific claims and the evidence that supports them. Detail
so Sequence types and features ontology CC-BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary for sequence annotation, for the exchange of annotation data and for the description of sequence objects in databases. Detail
spd Spider Ontology CC-BY 3.0 An ontology for spider comparative biology including anatomical parts (e.g. leg, claw), behavior (e.g. courtship, combing) and products (i.g. silk, web, borrow). Detail
stato The Statistical Methods Ontology CC-BY STATO is a general-purpose STATistics Ontology. Its aim is to provide coverage for processes such as statistical tests, their conditions of application, and information needed or resulting from statistical methods, such as probability distributions, variables, spread and variation metrics. STATO also covers aspects of experimental design and description of plots and graphical representations commonly used to provide visual cues of data distribution or layout and to assist review of the results. Detail
swo Software ontology CC BY 4.0 The Software Ontology (SWO) is a resource for describing software tools, their types, tasks, versions, provenance and associated data. It contains detailed information on licensing and formats as well as software applications themselves, mainly (but not limited) to the bioinformatics community. Detail
symp Symptom Ontology CC0 An ontology of disease symptoms, with symptoms encompasing perceived changes in function, sensations or appearance reported by a patient indicative of a disease. Detail
taxrank Taxonomic rank vocabulary CC-0 A vocabulary of taxonomic ranks (species, family, phylum, etc) Detail
to Plant Trait Ontology CC-BY 4.0 A controlled vocabulary to describe phenotypic traits in plants. Detail
trans Pathogen Transmission Ontology CC0 An ontology representing the disease transmission process during which the pathogen is transmitted directly or indirectly from its natural reservoir, a susceptible host or source to a new host. Detail
tto Teleost taxonomy ontology CC-0 An ontology covering the taxonomy of teleosts (bony fish) Detail
txpo Toxic Process Ontology CC-BY 3.0 TOXic Process Ontology (TXPO) systematizes a wide variety of terms involving toxicity courses and processes. The first version of TXPO focuses on liver toxicity. Detail
uberon Uberon multi-species anatomy ontology CC-BY An integrated cross-species anatomy ontology covering animals and bridging multiple species-specific ontologies Detail
uo Units of measurement ontology CC-BY Metrical units for use in conjunction with PATO Detail
upheno Unified phenotype ontology (uPheno) CC0 The uPheno ontology integrates multiple phenotype ontologies into a unified cross-species phenotype ontology. Detail
vo Vaccine Ontology CC-BY VO is a biomedical ontology in the domain of vaccine and vaccination. Detail
vt Vertebrate trait ontology CC BY 4.0 An ontology of traits covering vertebrates Detail
vto Vertebrate Taxonomy Ontology CC-0 Comprehensive hierarchy of extinct and extant vertebrate taxa. Detail
wbbt C. elegans Gross Anatomy Ontology CC-BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of Caenorhabditis elegans. Detail
wbls C. elegans development ontology CC BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary of the development of Caenorhabditis elegans. Detail
wbphenotype C. elegans phenotype CC BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary of Caenorhabditis elegans phenotypes Detail
xco Experimental condition ontology CC-0 Conditions under which physiological and morphological measurements are made both in the clinic and in studies involving humans or model organisms. Detail
xlmod HUPO-PSI cross-linking and derivatization reagents controlled vocabulary CC-BY A structured controlled vocabulary for cross-linking reagents used with proteomics mass spectrometry. Detail
xpo Xenopus Phenotype Ontology CC-BY XPO represents anatomical, cellular, and gene function phenotypes occurring throughout the development of the African frogs Xenopus laevis and tropicalis. Detail
zeco Zebrafish Experimental Conditions Ontology CC-BY Experimental conditions applied to zebrafish, developed to facilitate experiment condition annotation at ZFIN Detail
zfs Zebrafish developmental stages ontology CC-BY 3.0 Developmental stages of the Zebrafish Detail
zp Zebrafish Phenotype Ontology CC-BY The Zebrafish Phenotype Ontology formally defines all phenotypes of the Zebrafish model organism. Detail
gsso Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation (GSSO) ontology Apache 2.0 License The Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation (GSSO) ontology has terms for annotating interdisciplinary information concerning gender, sex, and sexual orientation for primary usage in the biomedical and adjacent sciences. Detail
hp Human Phenotype Ontology hpo A structured and controlled vocabulary for the phenotypic features encountered in human hereditary and other disease. Detail
kisao Kinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology Artistic License 2.0 A classification of algorithms for simulating biology and their outputs Detail
mamo Mathematical modeling ontology Artistic License 2.0 The Mathematical Modelling Ontology (MAMO) is a classification of the types of mathematical models used mostly in the life sciences, their variables, relationships and other relevant features. Detail
sbo Systems Biology Ontology Artistic License 2.0 Terms commonly used in Systems Biology, and in particular in computational modeling. Detail
scdo Sickle Cell Disease Ontology GPL-3.0 An ontology for the standardization of terminology and integration of knowledge about Sickle Cell Disease. Detail
sibo Social Insect Behavior Ontology CC-BY Social Behavior in insects Detail
fix Physico-chemical methods and properties An ontology of physico-chemical methods and properties. Detail
vario Variation Ontology Variation Ontology, VariO, is an ontology for standardized, systematic description of effects, consequences and mechanisms of variations. Detail
ogi Ontology for genetic interval An ontology that formalizes the genomic element by defining an upper class genetic interval Detail
rex Physico-chemical process An ontology of physico-chemical processes, i.e. physico-chemical changes occurring in course of time. Detail
ceph Cephalopod Ontology CC-BY An anatomical and developmental ontology for cephalopods inactive Detail
ehdaa2 Human developmental anatomy, abstract CC-BY 4.0 A structured controlled vocabulary of stage-specific anatomical structures of the developing human. inactive Detail
gaz Gazetteer CC0 1.0 Universal A gazetteer constructed on ontological principles inactive Detail
rnao RNA ontology CC-0 Controlled vocabulary pertaining to RNA function and based on RNA sequences, secondary and three-dimensional structures. inactive Detail
upa Unipathway CC-BY A manually curated resource for the representation and annotation of metabolic pathways inactive Detail
ero eagle-i resource ontology CC-BY 2.0 An ontology of research resources such as instruments. protocols, reagents, animal models and biospecimens. inactive Detail
idomal Malaria Ontology CC0 An application ontology to cover all aspects of malaria as well as the intervention attempts to control it. inactive Detail
miro Mosquito insecticide resistance Application ontology for entities related to insecticide resistance in mosquitos inactive Detail
tads Tick Anatomy Ontology CC-BY 4.0 The anatomy of the Tick, Families: Ixodidae, Argassidae inactive Detail
tgma Mosquito gross anatomy ontology CC0 A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of mosquitoes. inactive Detail
bcgo Beta Cell Genomics Ontology CC-BY An application ontology built for beta cell genomics studies. obsolete Detail
dinto The Drug-Drug Interactions Ontology CC-BY A formal represention for drug-drug interactions knowledge. obsolete Detail
eo Plant Environment Ontology CC-BY 4.0 A structured, controlled vocabulary which describes the treatments, growing conditions, and/or study types used in plant biology experiments. obsolete Detail
omiabis Ontologized MIABIS CC-BY An ontological version of MIABIS (Minimum Information About BIobank data Sharing) obsolete Detail
aao Amphibian gross anatomy obsolete Detail
adw Animal natural history and life history obsolete Detail
aero Adverse Event Reporting Ontology CC-BY The Adverse Event Reporting Ontology (AERO) is an ontology aimed at supporting clinicians at the time of data entry, increasing quality and accuracy of reported adverse events obsolete Detail
ato Amphibian taxonomy obsolete Detail
bila Bilateria anatomy obsolete Detail
bootstrep Gene Regulation Ontology obsolete Detail
cmf CranioMaxilloFacial ontology obsolete Detail
dc_cl Dendritic cell obsolete Detail
ehda Human developmental anatomy, timed version obsolete Detail
ehdaa Human developmental anatomy, abstract version obsolete Detail
emap Mouse gross anatomy and development, timed A structured controlled vocabulary of stage-specific anatomical structures of the mouse (Mus). obsolete Detail
ev eVOC (Expressed Sequence Annotation for Humans) obsolete Detail
fbsp Fly taxonomy The taxonomy of the family Drosophilidae (largely after Baechli) and of other taxa referred to in FlyBase. obsolete Detail
flu Influenza Ontology obsolete Detail
gro Cereal Plant Gross Anatomy obsolete Detail
habronattus Habronattus courtship obsolete Detail
imr Molecule role (INOH Protein name/family name ontology) obsolete Detail
ipr Protein Domains obsolete Detail
lipro Lipid Ontology An ontology representation of the LIPIDMAPS nomenclature classification. obsolete Detail
loggerhead Loggerhead nesting obsolete Detail
mao Multiple alignment obsolete Detail
mat Minimal anatomical terminology obsolete Detail
mfo Medaka fish anatomy and development A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy and development of the Japanese medaka fish, Oryzias latipes. obsolete Detail
mirnao microRNA Ontology CC0 An application ontology for use with miRNA databases. obsolete Detail
mo Microarray experimental conditions A standardized description of a microarray experiment in support of MAGE v.1. obsolete Detail
nif_cell NIF Cell Neuronal cell types obsolete Detail
nif_dysfunction NIF Dysfunction obsolete Detail
nif_grossanatomy NIF Gross Anatomy obsolete Detail
nmr NMR-instrument specific component of metabolomics investigations Descriptors relevant to the experimental conditions of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) component in a metabolomics investigation. obsolete Detail
obo_rel OBO relationship types (legacy) obsolete Detail
pao Plant Anatomy Ontology obsolete Detail
pd_st Platynereis stage ontology obsolete Detail
pgdso Plant Growth and Development Stage obsolete Detail
plo Plasmodium life cycle obsolete Detail
propreo Proteomics data and process provenance obsolete Detail
resid Protein covalent bond For the description of covalent bonds in proteins. obsolete Detail
sao Subcellular anatomy ontology obsolete Detail
sep Sample processing and separation techniques A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of sample processing and separation techniques in scientific experiments. obsolete Detail
sopharm Suggested Ontology for Pharmacogenomics obsolete Detail
tahe Terminology of Anatomy of Human Embryology obsolete Detail
tahh Terminology of Anatomy of Human Histology obsolete Detail
tao Teleost Anatomy Ontology CC-0 Multispecies fish anatomy ontology. Originally seeded from ZFA, but intended to cover terms relevant to other taxa obsolete Detail
vsao Vertebrate Skeletal Anatomy Ontology- Vertebrate skeletal anatomy ontology. obsolete Detail
ypo Yeast phenotypes obsolete Detail
zea Maize gross anatomy obsolete Detail
epo Epidemiology Ontology An ontology designed to support the semantic annotation of epidemiology resources obsolete Detail
iev Event (INOH pathway ontology) obsolete Detail
vhog Vertebrate Homologous Ontology Group Ontology obsolete Detail